Using Vacation Rentals When Traveling to Rome

Rome Villa -

Rome Villa -

If you’re not fond of hotels, or if you’re traveling to Italy with a large group that might be expensive to put up in a hotel, you have the option of using a vacation rental. A vacation rental is a furnished home or apartment that you can rent during your stay in Rome. Some people keep second homes specifically to use as rentals, but more frequently, you’ll be living in the home of the owner.

Rentals can be a great deal, but when you’re selecting your vacation rental, there are several factors that you should keep in mind.

Make a List

Make a short list of the features you want in your vacation rental. Then decide whether they are features that you must have or features that you would like to have but can live without. It’s also a good idea to set a budget. Knowing in advance what you want can make the actual search process go much more quickly.


Real estate experts agree that a home’s greatest selling point is location, and the same is true of vacation rental properties. Before you sign any papers or turn money over, make sure you know where the dwelling you’re thinking of renting is located. It won’t save you any money if the rental is cheap but lies miles away from the most popular museums, monuments, and archaeological attractions of Rome. If you do decide to rent an outlying home or apartment, see if there is public transportation nearby or be sure to set aside money for taxis.

Look for Rentals with More than One Picture

It’s possible to find an angle to make almost any room look good in a single picture. To get a real idea of what you’re renting, look for a posting that shows multiple interior and exterior views. If you’re interested in a rental that features only a single photo, contact the owner via email and ask him to reply with additional pictures.

Check Reviews

Sites like and can not only find the best deals, they also offer reviews by other vacationers who have used the property. Both and also allow you to search for rentals by vacation dates, number of rooms, and price.

If staying at a hotel in Rome, Italy does not appeal to you, consider staying in the homelike environment provided by a comfortable vacation rental.