Rome Airport Transfers Make Your Arrival Easy

Rome Airport Transfers -

Rome Airport Transfers -

The city of Rome is served by two airports. The smaller of the two, the Ciampino, is a small airport used mainly for charter flights or regional discount airlines. If you are flying into the city from the United States, you plane will probably land at the larger of the two Rome airports, the Fiumicino.

The Fiumicino is located about twenty miles outside of the city, and while public transportation and taxi cabs are available, you will probably be happier if you have arranged Rome airport transfers to take you directly to your hotel.

Public Transportation and Rome Airports

One way to reach the center of Rome from Fiumicino Airport is to take a train from the Station Termini, located about a five minute walk from the airport terminals. The train takes you into the heart of the city, but once you have gotten off the train, you will still need to find a way to get to your hotel.

You can also take a local bus, but unless you have local currency and know which route you need to take, the bus system can be confusing for tourists. Another option is taking a taxi, but again, figuring out money conversion rates can be a challenge, especially if you’re already exhausted from a long flight.

The Benefits of Rome Airport Transfers

When you are traveling, especially when you’re taking a trip that you’ve planned for and dreamed about for years, you want everything to go smoothly. One way to get off on the right foot is to arrange a Rome airport transfer which will pick you up in a comfortable private car and take you directly to your hotel. This spares you the hassle of walking to the train station, catching the train, and then having to take a cab or walk to your where you are staying.

Rome Guided Tours

Companies that offer airport transfers often make traveling a little more enjoyable by offering private, customized tours to show you the can’t-miss sights of the city and the surrounding areas. On each tour, you will be provided with a knowledgeable tour guide who will make it his or her business to give you a hassle-free, enjoyable traveling experience. Private tours are a wonderful way to experience Roman culture. Talk to the company that arranges your airport transfer to find out what they have in the way of tours.