Ancient Rome – Colosseum – Roman Forum – Palatine – Capitoline

This must-see tour begins with the visit of the most recognizable monument of Ancient Rome: The Coliseum! This huge, elliptical amphitheater could accommodate 55,000 spectators and was used by emperors to entertain the crowd with free games including wild beast fights and gladiator matches. Then you will take a walk through triumphal arches, temples and significant remains of the Roman Forum which was the political, commercial and religious center of Imperial Rome.

The visit will continue with the exploration of the Palatine hill where according to mythology the twins Romulus and Remus were found and Rome’s history began.
Historically this hill was the preferred place to live therefore emperors chose this area for their imperial palaces. This extensive tour ends on top of the Capitoline hill where you will find the Capitoline museums and the famous statue of Marcus Aurelius.