A Guide to Rome’s Weather and Travel Seasons

The good news about planning a trip to Rome, Italy, is that, located in the Mediterranean, it rarely experiences temperature extremes or bad weather. That said, Rome weather is more pleasant during some months than others.

Spring and Fall

The best seasons for visiting Italy are March through June and September through October. During these times, the temperature hovers around a near-ideal 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sun is usually shining. One possible exception is the month of October which, although still warm, can be rainy.

The only problem with touring the city during the spring and the fall is that every other tourist has received the same advice you have. The city is usually packed with travelers during these times of years, and getting to see the most famous Roman monuments can be a challenge.

The best way to sight-see during the peak tourist times is to arrange for Rome tours in advance. The tour guides are knowledgeable and skillful at ducking the crowds and getting you as close as possible to popular attractions. Rome tours are also available to take you away from the city for a day at Pompeii, Naples, and many other surrounding locations.

The Rainy Season

Rainfall is common in October and even more common in November. The temperatures remain mild, but touring on cloudy, rainy days can be less than enjoyable.

Rome’s Winter

Rome, Italy Weather - Roman Limo Tours

Rome, Italy Weather - Roman Limo Tours

During December, January and February, Rome weather is cool and brisk, usually around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow is not unheard of in Rome, although it is a rarity. Even though the temperatures are cooler, the skies still remain sunny. If you do travel during the winter months, be sure to bring a jacket or a coat just in case the temperature turns out to be unexpectedly cool.

Traveling during the winter months can also be a challenge if you’re flying out from an airport in the northern United States, where snow and ice storms are not unusual. Make sure you have insurance that covers any changes in your travel plans that might occur due to bad weather.

Avoid the Summer

The worst time to come to Rome is during the months of July and August, when humidity hangs heavy in the air and temperatures can soar as high as 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is this a miserable time to be walking around looking at famous outdoor attractions, many Roman merchants simply close up shop for the summer and take off for cooler climates. If you’re hoping to get some shopping done, you’re likely to be disappointed to find many stores closed.

No matter when you schedule your trip to Italy, it’s a good idea to arrange for one or more Rome tours so that you can learn about the city’s greatest sights and get the full benefit of your trip.